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  About Hampton Website Design

Hampton Website Design is owned and run by Jessica Schumpf. Jessica began building websites to promote her music, (where she is also known as Jessie Haynes), in 2000. Since then she has gone on to build and manage websites for musicians & businesses of all kinds, as well as managing sales for an Amazon Marketplace store, an E commerce store, and Email list. As her experience with websites & website management has grown, she has found an increased need for a website service that would make getting on the web as simple and affordable as possible for the many individuals and businesses who simply donít have the time to invest into building a site of their own, as well as a service that would offer reasonable priced, straight forward packages that would avoid overwhelming people with a lot of technical mumbo jumbo. She specializes in websites for musicians, artists & business of all kinds. Her packages are all-inclusive and affordable, without skimping on style & professionalism.


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